Diabetes: What Its Common Symptoms and Its Negative Effects On The Body

Diabetes is an extremely common disease, considered to be an epidemic. In fact, India is considered the Diabetes Capital of the world, and the World Health Organization estimates there will be a 200 percent rise in the number of people with diabetes within the next 15 years. There is so much you need to understand about diabetes, including but not limited to:

common symptoms diabetes

• What diabetes is and what the common symptoms of the disease are
• What causes diabetes?
• What conditions are tied to it?
• Following a good, healthy diet can control diabetes
• The diabetes myths and facts
• What foods should diabetics eat

What Exactly Is Diabetes and What Are The Common Symptoms?

Diabetes is a reference to how much sugar is in the bloodstream. Most people, when talking about diabetes, also talk about insulin. How are the two words released?

The pancreas is the organ that releases the insulin hormone. Insulin’s job is to break the glucose or sugar down found in food and send it to the cells. The cells use it for fuel for various bodily functions and other requirements.

People who are diabetic do not have enough insulin in the body for the cells to respond to. This is known as insulin resistance. When this happens, the blood’s glucose level increases significantly. When this happens, it causes an array of health problems such as:

• Increased risk of eyesight issues, especially at night. It may lead to glaucoma or blindness.
• Your feet become susceptible to sores and infections – amputation may even become necessary.
• Diabetes is considered a silent killer since it hinders the body from controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This can lead to heart attacks and strokes.
• An overabundance of sugar in the body can lead to nerve damage – that also results in tinging, loss of sensation and pain.
• Kidney damage can also occur if the blood glucose levels stay high for too long.

If all of this concerns you, don’t fret so much! Yes, it can be a little scary, but minute changes in your lifestyle and diet can reverse the trend. There is no permanent cure for diabetes, but following a proper diet and getting regular exercise (and using insulin when called for) can keep it under control.

If you notice these common symptoms of diabetes, seek help right away to find out if you do have it:

• Blurry vision
• Constant thirst
• Constant urination
• Excessive hunger
• Tiredness

The key to remember about diabetes is that it slowly develops and it doesn’t kill you quickly. With some discipline, you can live a healthy, long life.


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