Dieting and Exercise Are Essential To Diabetics’ Chances Of Living A Long, Healthy Life

Every person diagnosed with diabetes is told that diet and exercise is the key way in which to control the condition. After all, insulin shots and medications will only go so far.

diet and exercise for diabetes

If you want to live a healthy life with your diabetes, you must get regular exercise and follow a healthy diet. For many type 2 people living with diabetes, this type of lifestyle can lead to a reversal of their diabetes.

Wouldn’t it be nice not to have to use medications or use insulin shots to control your diabetes? If this is something important to you, then you need to create a healthy lifestyle plan that includes a good diet and regular exercise.

A Grim Outlook

When a person with diabetes fails to gain control over their condition, it can lead to an array of other health problems including but not limited to:

• Blindness
• Heart disease
• High blood pressure
• Infections
• Kidney disease
• Slow healing or never healing wounds
• Stroke

In severe cases, people may lose a limb or go into a diabetic coma. However, with a proper diet and exercise plan, you can control your diabetes and have a better overall health.

There’s no reason to feel as your diabetes controls your life because it doesn’t. You don’t have to let it dictate your present or future. If you make some easy changes in your life, you will see results you never thought were possible. You can live a very productive life, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Regain Control Of Your Health By Incorporating Diet and Exercise

Most people, when they hear the word “diet,” begin to think negatively about it. In their minds, it’s the deprivation of foods they enjoy or eating bland-tasting foods. They may even think they’ll starve.

However, a “real” diet means to develop a well-thought-out food plan that allows you to eat “junk” food every now and then but only if you realize how these foods will hinder your diabetic eating plan. You’ll need to make some adjustments to your plan since these junk foods can cause your blood sugar levels to spike if you don’t control them. Out of control blood sugar levels can have a detrimental impact on your health.

Besides your diabetes eating plan, you need to have a good understanding of how foods affect your blood sugar levels. This will help you to decide which foods you can keep eating and which foods need to be avoided. Some foods you need to get rid of altogether include:

• Refined grains (bread, rice and pasta)
• Fruit-flavored yogurt
• Maple syrup and honey
• Dried fruit
• Soft drinks

These foods can increase one’s chance of developing type 2 diabetes and lead to inflammation.

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